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Enjoying Salumi

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Salumi platter ready for a party

We are often asked about the “do’s and don’ts” of serving fine salumi. The number one rule is - of course – to trust your taste buds and enjoy yourself!

Nevertheless, sometimes experience can be beneficial. In that spirit, here is a non-comprehensive list of pointers we’ve accumulated in serving salumi to many thousands of people over the years. Hopefully some of these may be of use to you in your cured meat adventures:

When choosing salumi for any occasion, DO ask your salumi purveyor as much as possible about where the meat came from, who made the salumi, whether the item has any special history, and if there are any special tips for serving. Salumi are steeped in tradition; great salumi are made with care. There’s a chance you might discover something new!

While best stored in cool place, DO serve and enjoy your salumi at room temperature. (65-75F). Flavors are best expressed when the salumi are not ice cold.

When preparing a salumi platter for a group, DO include a variety of types, textures, and spice levels of salumi, something to please different palates.

DO keep an open mind towards trying new things.

DO peel the casing on a whole salami before you slice and eat it. If the casing doesn’t come off easily, slice the salami, then peel the casing from the individual slice. Casings (and the white mold you find on them) are typically edible, but not necessarily enjoyable.

It’s not required, but DO consider serving salumi alongside appropriate accompaniments. Our favorite foods to pair with salumi: Pickled vegetables of all kinds, hazelnuts, fresh cheeses with cooked, mild salumi, semi-hard and hard cheeses with aged, cured salumi. Fresh, seasonal fruit pairs well with many kinds of salumi, everything from strawberries, to peaches, figs, melon, and pears.

In the name of San Bartolomeo, please DON’T put mayonnaise on salami.

Oh, and one more bit of sage advice, from the indomitable Miss Piggy…

NEVER eat more than you can lift.


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