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    Back/Belly/Cheek Sampler

    • Lardo
    • Guanciale
    • Pancetta
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    Product Description

     Lardo, Rolled Pancetta & Guanciale. 

    Experience the joys of traditional Italian-style cured pork with this sampler of lardo Iberico de Bellota (back fat), rolled pancetta (belly), and guanciale (jowl).

    Serve our lardo with melon or grilled bread. Cook our pancetta with peas or add to pastas. Make an authentic carbonara with our guanciale.  The sampler includes one 6-ounce chunk of lardo, one 8-ounce piece of pancetta and one 8-ounce piece of guanciale.

    Please be advised that this is a perishable product, shipped in insulated packaging with ice packs. Product must be refrigerated immediately upon arrival -- Boccalone is not responsible for product spoilage due to missed delivery or improper storage.

    Recipes: Amatriciana, Carbonara, Melon with Lardo

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