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    Find Boccalone at these Bay Area Farmers' Markets:

    Fresh Sausages

    eastons-sq.jpg Easton’s Breakfast Sausage: A finely ground traditional English-style breakfast sausage in lamb casings with a light hint of citrus and sage. This recipe comes from Chris’s English side of his family, the Eastons, who owned a sausage company in Rhode Island from 1860 to 1942. Easton’s Newport Sausage was well known up and down the Eastern seaboard until the company was forced to close due to the spice shortage during WWII.
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    italian-sq.jpg Italian Sausage: A coarsely ground, fennel-spiced sausage great for grilling. A favorite way to serve these is grilled with peppers and onions. It is also delicious added to a pasta dish or as part of a traditional clambake.
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    spicy-italian-sq.jpg Spicy Italian Sausage: A slightly spicy version of our Italian sausage for those who enjoy a little heat. Grill it and eat it on its own or add it to pasta dishes.
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