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Cooked Specialties

Cooked Specialties


ciccioli-sq.jpg Ciccioli: Typical of the Emilia-Romagna region, ciccioli is prepared by braising skin with garlic, rosemary and black pepper. Ciccioli has a pleasing, unctuous mouth feel balanced by the rosemary. It is delicious when eaten alone in thin slices or spread on warm bread. It can also be chopped and added to white beans.

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coppa-sq.jpg Coppa di Testa: Translates to “cup of head.” This delicately seasoned head cheese is made from all the meat of the head, including the tongue, braised until tender and then combined with the cooking juices and spices and allowed to set. Thinly sliced for a sandwich, it’s a delicious gelatinous treat.
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mortadella-sq.jpg Mortadella: This is the original bologna, a delicate balance of fat, meat and spice, with a hint of pistachios and black peppercorns. With its pillowy texture, it’s beautiful when sliced very thin. It can be eaten alone, either sliced or cut into chunks. It makes great sandwiches but can also be cooked in many dishes including eggs and pasta. Or it can be made into a decadent creamy spread for crostini. Mortadella originated in Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region.
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truffled-mortadella-sq.jpg Mortadella with Black Truffles: This is no bologna; it’s a special treat for the holidays. This mortadella is a delicate balance of fat, meat and spice, with a blast of earthy black truffle and a hint of pistachio. With its pillowy texture, it’s at its best sliced very thin. It will only be available during the holiday season.
» See video of how to slice mortadella

pate-sq.jpg Paté di Campagna: This is a traditional paté made of coarsely ground pork meat plus tongue, liver, kidney, and herbs. It is best served at room temperature with our whole grain mustard and grilled bread.

porchetta-sq.jpg Porchetta di Testa: This delicacy is a pig’s head that has been treated like the traditional porchetta from Tuscany. The meat is seasoned with garlic, rosemary and chili then rolled and slow cooked. It is delicious sliced for a sandwich or served on a salumi platter.

cotto-sq.jpg Prosciutto Cotto: The translation is “cooked ham.” This is the Italian version of a city ham. It is brined with clove, allspice, sugar and pepper and then slow cooked. It is best eaten in sandwiches or warmed through and served as a dinner entree with a little Boccalone whole grain mustard.

sanguinaccio-sq.jpg Sanguinaccio: A traditional northern Italian blood sausage with the light hint of chili and the creaminess of rich pork blood. Sanguinaccio is great with eggs, or on its own with grilled bread. Chris’s favorite way to enjoy it is with raw oysters, a treat he says he would choose as his last meal.
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