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Catering Menu

Catering Menu

Boccalone Catering Menu

Boccalone Party Platter

Salumi & Sandwich Platters * Boxed Lunches

Pre-order for meetings and parties

Place catering orders by phone to 510-261-8700 or email to catering@boccalone.com


 Boccalone Salumi Platters
Standard Platters Serve 10-15 persons

Party Platter $55
5 Boccalone Salumi: Prosciutto Cotto, Mortadella with Pistachios, Capocollo & 2 types of Salami, with mustard & olives $55

Salumi & Cheese Party Platter $70
Assortment of 4 Boccalone Salumi, cheese & olives $70

Custom Party Platters A.Q.
Tell us what you'd like and we'll give you a quote!

Need Bread? Add an Acme Epi Baguette to any platter order for $3.50


Boccalone Panini Platters
10 Cold Half-Sandwiches per Platter

Boccalone Panini Platter

Salame with Greens & Tomato Spread $45

Prosciutto Crudo with Greens & Olive Oil $50

The Combo: 3 Meats with Provolone, Greens & Vinaigrette $50

Vegetarian Sandwich Platter $40

Mixed Sandwich Platter (choose from above) $50

* Add  Deep River potato chips for $1.50 per single-serving bag.
Gluten-free bread available, please inquire


For the Table

Mixed Marinated Olives
$6/Half pint

Boccalone Whole Grain Mustard

Boccalone Pickled Goathorn Peppers


Picnic Lunch Boxes

Boccalone Lunch Boxes

Each sandwich box includes a sandwich of your choice,
a bag of Deep River chips and an apple. 

Salame Sandwich Lunch Box $13

Prosciutto Sandwich Lunch Box $14

The Combo Sandwich Lunch Box $14

* Minimum 5 boxes and 3 days advance notice.
Gluten-free bread available, please inquire


Boxed Lunch Add-Ons

Bottled Water $2 / Bottled Sodas $3

Marinated Olives $2.50


 Boccalone at your Event

 Ask about having Boccalone join your next event! We have a beautiful portable slicer that makes a
colorful showpiece as we prepare platters or salumi cones at your location.  Please call 510-261-8700 for details.



All Catering Menu prices assume client pickup at Boccalone’s Ferry Building shop.
Delivery is available, via courier, to downtown San Francisco and some SOMA locations, please inquire.

Ferry Building Marketplace
Shop 21
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 433-6500

Location Map


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