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    SHIPPING POLICY: To minimize time product spends in transit, we ship only three days each week: Monday through Wednesday. Orders received after noon Pacific time, will ship the following day; if the order is received after noon on Wednesday it will ship the following week. Fed Ex will only ship to street addresses and will not deliver to P O Boxes. All orders containing salumi must have a street address for shipping. Orders including fresh sausage generally ship on Wednesdays only.

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    • Salami Sampler
      $55.00 Salami Sampler
      An assortment of four of Boccalone’s hard salami including: Orange & Wild Fennel Salame, Soppressata, Brown Sugar and Fennel and Salame Pepato.  All of Boccalone’s salami feature heritage-breed pork,...
    • Hanging salami in our drying room
      $59.97 3 Month Salami of the Month Club
      Salami-of-the-Month Club Experience the variety of Boccalone's artisan salami with our Salami-of-the-Month Club!  The 3-Month Club is just $19.99 per month, including shipping to the lower 48 states.  Want to try...
    • The finished goods
      $108.00 6 Month Salami of the Month Club
      Salami-of-the-Month Club Experience the variety of Boccalone's artisan salami with our Salami-of-the-Month Club!  The $18 per-month price includes a 10% discount from the 3-Month Club price. Our featured salami:Brown...
    • Ciauscolo
      $28.00 Ciauscolo
      Semi-Soft Salami with Porcini Mushroom. Ciauscolo (say "cha-USE-colo") is a semi-soft salami, originating from the hills of Le Marche, along Italy's Adriatic coast. Unlike its longer-aged cousins, Ciauscolo is prized...
    • Nduja
      $28.00 Nduja
      Spicy Spreadable Salami.  Nduja (say "en-doo-ya") is a spicy spreadable salami, originating from Calabria. Nduja is cured in a casing like hard salami, but it maintains a soft texture that is spreadable at...
    • Peppered Salami Box
      $50.00 Choose Options Salami Cookbook Combo
      An autographed copy of Chef Chris Cosentino's "Beginnings" cookbook paired with a two-pack of salami. Choose 2 Fennel Salami or 2 Peppered Salami. This package includes: Beginnings: Autographed & Illustrated Copy The...
    • Black Truffle Mortadella
      $39.00 Mortadella with Black Truffles
      Mortadella with Black Truffles We produce these special one-pound Mortadella with Black Truffles only at the holidays. This luscious mortadella is a delicate balance of fat, meat and spice, with earthy black truffle and a...
    • The Whole Hog
      $125.00 The Whole Hog
      Can't decide what to get because you want it all? This is the box for you. We've included a great mix of our products that shows off some of our best tricks. There are a few items for cooking (sausages, pancetta,...
    • Black Truffle Mortadella
      $79.00 Truffled Mortadella & Piccolo Sampler
      Popular Hostess Gift This bundle includes Boccalone's two most popular holiday items:  One Piccolo Cotto, a smaller version of our Prosciutto Cotto, brined in our special spices then cooked slowly to tender perfection...
    • Cotechino
      $20.00 Cotechino
      Based on the traditional Emilia-Romagna fermented sausage made with lean pork and pork skin. Boccalone's cotechino combines an unctuous mouth-feel with a pleasing blend of warm spice. Our cotechino is fully cooked but can be...
    • Piccolo Cotto
      $49.00 Piccolo Cotto
      Our Most Tender Ham.  A small, whole version of our Prosciutto Cotto, the ham is brined with our special spices and then cooked slowly.  It has a tender texture and a light, delicate taste that everyone will...
    • The Boar Gift Box
      $59.00 Choose Options The Boar Gift Box
      A perfect gift for the salumi lover in your life. The Boar gift box contains: two 8-ounce Boccalone salami (chosen from our currently available products), one Boccalone "Pig Cuts" T-shirt, and one 9-ounce jar of Boccalone...
    • Fennel Salami
      $29.00 Fennel Salami Sampler
      Brown Sugar Fennel and Orange & Wild Fennel. This gift box of two salami includes one Orange & Wild Fennel Salame, a medium-grind salame modeled after the famed Tuscan Finocchiona and one Brown Sugar...
    • Peppered Salami
      $29.00 Peppered Salami Sampler
      Salame Pepato & Soppressata. This gift box of two salami includes Salame Pepato, a medium-grind salame seasoned with three specialty varieties of black pepper and Soppressata, dry-cured salame in the...
    • The Piglet Gift Box
      $47.00 Choose Options The Piglet Gift Box
      Salame, T-shirt & Mustard. A perfect gift for the salumi lover in your life. The piglet gift box contains: one 8-ounce Boccalone salame (chosen from our currently available products), one Boccalone "Pig Cuts" T-shirt,...
    • Lardo Iberico de Bellota
      $36.00 Lardo Iberico de Bellota
      Decadent Acorn-Fed Backfat.  We are pleased to be the first U.S. producer selected to work with the thick backfat from Spain's famed Pata Negra pigs.  These black-footed pigs roam in cork and oak groves in...
    • Offal Good Pack
      $42.00 Offal Good Pack
      Our chef/owner Chris Cosentino has long been known as a champion of using the whole animal, and he especially loves offal. He's @offalchris on Twitter and has a whole website dedicated to the topic: www.offalgood.com...
    • Lonza
      $79.00 Lonza, Capocollo and Piana Sampler
      Three Classic Salumi. A sampling of whole muscle salumi. One pound each of Lonza, Capocollo and Pancettta Piana.  Includes: One segment each of: Lonza (unsliced), Capocollo (unsliced), and Pancetta Piana (skin-on and...
    • Capocollo
      $39.00 Capocollo
      100% Berkshire Hot Coppa. Also know as hot coppa, capocollo is made from the neck meat of the pig, cured whole with aromatic herbs and spices, which develop and intensify as the meat ages to produce a great flavor...
    • lonza
      $69.00 Lonza
      Cured Pork Loin. Rarely found in the U.S., Lonza is a cured pork loin that is similar to prosciutto in taste and texture, yet easier to slice thanks to its more uniform shape. Boccalone’s Lonza is seasoned with salt...

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