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    Fresh Sausage

    SHIPPING POLICY: To minimize time product spends in transit, we ship only three days each week: Monday through Wednesday. Orders received after noon Pacific time, will ship the following day; if the order is received after noon on Wednesday it will ship the following week. Fed Ex will only ship to street addresses and will not deliver to P O Boxes. All orders containing salumi must have a street address for shipping. Orders including fresh sausage generally ship on Wednesdays only.

    • Italian Sausage
      $39.00 Fresh Sausage Sampler
      Italian, Breakfast & Spicy Italian Sausage.  Treat the sausage lover in your life to an assortment of all three of Boccalone's Fresh Sausages: Easton's Breakfast, Italian, and Spicy Italian.  Includes: One...
    • Mortadella Hot Dog
      $39.00 Mortadella Dogs
      Ready for grilling! Mortadella is the original bologna, a delicate balance of fat, meat and spice, and black peppercorns. Traditional Mortadella is made in a large casing and then sliced thin. We decided to see what...
    • Sanguinaccio
      $39.00 Sanguinaccio
      A traditional northern Italian blood sausage highlighting the richness of pork blood. Sanguinaccio is great with eggs, over polenta, or on its own with grilled bread. Includes: Three 8-ounce packages (two links...