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    Find Boccalone at these Bay Area Farmers' Markets:

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    SHIPPING POLICY: To minimize time product spends in transit, we ship only three days each week: Monday through Wednesday. Orders received after noon Pacific time, will ship the following day; if the order is received after noon on Wednesday it will ship the following week. Fed Ex will only ship to street addresses and will not deliver to P O Boxes. All orders containing salumi must have a street address for shipping. Orders including fresh sausage generally ship on Wednesdays only.

    • Hot Sauce
      $10.00 Hot Sauce
      Our Bourbon Barrel Hot Sauce is ready! When some farmer friends had a bumper crop of cayenne peppers, Chef Chris knew just what he wanted to do with them. As luck would have it, he had recently gotten his hands on a bourbon...
    • Boccalone Mustard
      $9.00 Boccalone Whole Grain Mustard
      This whole grain mustard went through years of rigorous testing in the kitchen and dining rooms of Incanto, responding to the tastes of San Francisco's most discerning diners. The result is a straight-ahead mustard that...
    • Pickled Peppers
      $13.00 Pickled Goathorn Peppers
      Our pickled peppers are the definitive pickled peppers. They are fantastic straight out of the jar or on a sandwich with Brown Sugar & Fennel Salame or Capocollo. Be sure to save the spicy olive oil – it works...