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    Boccalone Gear

    SHIPPING POLICY: To minimize time product spends in transit, we ship only three days each week: Monday through Wednesday. Orders received after noon Pacific time, will ship the following day; if the order is received after noon on Wednesday it will ship the following week. Fed Ex will only ship to street addresses and will not deliver to P O Boxes. All orders containing salumi must have a street address for shipping. Orders including fresh sausage generally ship on Wednesdays only.

    • "Tasty Salted Pig Parts" T-Shirt
      $25.00 Choose Options "Tasty Salted Pig Parts" T-Shirt
      Our new T-shirt shows where our delicious products come from on the magical animal. Impress your friends with your knowledge of Italian tasty salted pig parts. Bonus points for knowing our salumi's secret ingredients on the...
    • Beginnings: My Way to Start a Meal - SIGNED
      $25.00 Beginnings: My Way to Start a Meal - SIGNED
      Beginnings: Signed & Illustrated Copy The first cookbook from Boccalone's very own Chris Cosentino, Beginnings presents more than 60 recipes for Italian-style first courses, including an extensive section on Boccalone's...