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Salumi is Italian for the whole family of cured meats, from prosciutto to salami, and also includes fresh sausages and cooked specialties like paté and mortadella. 

Boccalone artisan salumi combine high quality pork, Italian sea salt, and the freshest spices with the rarest of all ingredients: time. We start with sustainably-raised, heritage-breed pork. We combine old-world recipes and traditional methods with modern technology to create what we believe are the best salumi around. Our small-batches, hands-on methods and traditional cold curing techniques can take up to ten times longer than other producers’. Why do we sacrifice efficiency for taste? Because we love great salumi. 

In all of our products, our main goal is to enhance the natural flavors of the pork, not to mask it with spices and salt. We currently make small batches of over 20 different salumi. All of our products are available to purchase at our Ferry Building Shop in San Francisco. We do also ship many products through our Web Store.

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Cured Meats

Through traditional old-world curing techniques our salumi represent an ideal: the noblest expression of quality American pork.





Fresh Sausages

The finest pork and the freshest spices make our sausages a tasty piece of pork goodness.





Cooked Specialties

Our cooked specialties marry subtle spicing with quality meat to create a specially cooked product.

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